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Aura Power is focused on developing a portfolio across the North East. With solar currently amongst the cheapest and most abundant energy sources in the world, we are seeing a greater demand than ever for small and large scale developments. Our specialist development team has a deep understanding of the permitting and development process and works with with several of the US grid operators and environmental agencies like PJM, NYISO, New Mexico RETA, ERCOT, the DEQ and SCC to ensure our projects meet or exceed all regulatory and environmental standards.

Our philosophy is to work closely with system operators, landowners, planning specialists and other stakeholders to identify and progress the most viable projects. We are very thorough when it comes to searching for the right land and offer strong rentals for prime sites. We are also open to purchasing land for projects.

Our management team operates out of our headquarters in Bristol, UK, and takes regular trips to the US to meet landowners, grid operators and planners alongside our on-the-ground teams.

We have a rapidly growing pipeline of projects that are being developed in the PJM and NYISO service areas and we are also looking to expand into new regions.


ib Vogt GmbH is a German-based EPC and solar developer who partners with us on our solar power offering in the US

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If you think your land might be viable for solar development contact our US Project Developer, Brad Beament or our Commercial Manager, Rob Moore on 

+1 (804) 331-1286