Casal da Cortica

Aura Power is working on a solar farm proposal at Casal de Cortica, Leiria with a capacity of 18MW. This solar farm will generate enough clean electricity to power the equivalent of around 30,000 homes, saving around 3,800 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere each year. 

Solar Farms not only increase the supply of clean power but as solar is the lowest cost form of new energy generation it will also help to reduce national power prices.

Latest news

At the end of November we secured the construction license from Leiria council and are now in a position to start construction. Since March 2018 we have made much progress with landowners. The licensing efforts started immediately after securing grid capacity in July 2019. Although not required by Law, we will engage with the local community in the coming months in order to ensure that any perceived concerns are clarified. The DNO grid connection works at the Azóia substation are complete and this Project proved particularly challenging due to the fragmented nature of the land necessary to accommodate all the required infrastructure.

  • March 2018: Site finding and landowner discussions

    Site selection and discussions with landowners commenced.

  • July 2019: Grid capacity auctions

    Capacity was secured at auctions.

  • December 2020: Production licences secured

    Production licences were secured.

  • November 2021: Construction licences secured

    Secured construction licences from Leiria Council.

  • January 2022: Community consultation

    Consulting with the local community to understand and address any concerns

  • April 2022: Construction

    Construction of the solar farm is due to commence

Consulting with the local community

Listening to the views of the local community is very important to us and your feedback will help shape our design. Although not required by law, we invite members of the local community to engage with us in order to ensure any perceived concerns are clarified.

Please contact us using the contact form at the bottom of this page and a member of the project team will get in touch.

Site Location

We have been undertaking several environmental and visual surveys to help inform our design so far. Our proposal offers several ecological and local benefits, along with continued agricultural use, with sheep being able to graze beneath the panels.

Our aim is to design the solar farm appropriately and as sensitively as possible to the surroundings, whilst maximising the generation of clean energy.

The area we are building the project manly brings benefits as we are reducing the forest fire risk at an area densely packed with Eucalyptus. This region is industrial in nature so the impact during the operational period will be negligible.

To see the location on Google maps click here.

Indicative site location shown below – click to enlarge.

equivalent number of homes powered every. year

Estimated figure is calculated using Pordata consumption statistics 2020’ which reports an average domestic consumption per household in Portugal of 1,325 kwh 

tonnes of CO2 saved every year

Estimated figure calculated using the Gas Conversion of 0.207 Tonnes Carbon/MWh. 

equivalent number of electric cars powered per year

Estimated figure calculated using an average mileage of 9435 miles per year and an average power consumption of 2,887 kWh (Electric Vehicle Database 2021)

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We are committed to remaining engaged with the local community throughout the development process. If you would like to talk to us directly, please leave a comment in the form below or contact us using the details provided below.

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