Battery storage

Supporting the transition to a low-carbon future

Why storage

Utility-scale energy storage supports our transition to a low carbon future. It enables national electricity grids to accommodate increased penetration of generation from intermittent sources such as renewables, as well as enabling improved efficiency from fossil-fuel generation, such as natural gas.

How does it work?

Battery storage facilities are ideally suited to provide ancillary services to national electricity grid networks. These services help the network operators maintain the correct frequency of alternating current on the grid, along with providing complimentary balancing and reserve services. In certain countries, battery storage systems can enhance security of energy supply through capacity market mechanisms.

Why batteries?

Lithium-Ion technology is the most cost effective and commercially mature of the energy storage systems available.  By connecting a standalone utility-scale project directly to the distribution or transmission grid, we are able to deliver these services at reduced cost and achieve fast response times.

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